Intercultural living experiment


The concept of EcoME is to be a platform where peace, environmental, art and local work that is already happening in this region, as well as for new initiatives, can be empowered, deepened and strengthened by the character and quality of the Center. It also serves to inspire peace work and workers in the region by providing a model for joint sustainable living of Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals.

The aim of the center is to research the social, political, infrastructural, spiritual and cultural aspects of creating a space where different cultures can meet while seeking to co-create an atmosphere of inclusiveness, peace and ecological consciousness.


EcoMe is creating a gathering space in the west bank (area c), a home for unity and diversity . A space that is both an inspiring model and a space for research and learning. Arabic and Hebrew lessons are organized often. Here are a group of Palestinians learning Hebrew (it’s also happening the other way around).

EcoMe envision a space that is in harmony with nature, that goes beyond the ideas of separation between human beings and humanity and nature. The EcoMe vision is to create, together, step by step, and through different levels of work, a place to hold workshops, trainings, meetings and art residencies that is open, welcoming and accessible for any person. Palestinians, Israelis and people from around the world.

Photo report from APRIL 14TH, 2016