Freegan Pony

A culinary freegan restaurant in Paris


The Freegan Pony, the first Freegan participatory canteen in Europe, is interfering in the heart of the food industry to help reduce waste. In residence at Porte de la Villette, the canteen proposes a new menu every day, made from the unsold fruits and vegetables of Rungis, and cooked by chefs.

Freeganism is an alternative way of life that calls into question the concept of waste. To be freegan is to consume products thrown away or left by the food industry. This movement denounces the waste of food and the pollution generated by the waste, and sometimes goes further by challenging the economic model that leads to such waste.

Freeganism at Freegan Pony assumes a very committed message: to show an experience to the guests one evening a ‘sample’ of what is wasted food. Objective: To spread the message of the freegan movement.

Photo Report from MARCH 27TH, 2017