La Tabacalera

From a Tobacco Factory to a Self Organized Social Center


La Tabacalera is a social center that promotes the direct participation of citizenship in managing the public domain. A cultural center that understands culture as a concept encompassing creative and social skills of citizenship. These capabilities include not only artistic production, but also social action, critical thinking and the dissemination of ideas, works and procedures that seek to expand and democratize the public sphere.

La Tabacalera is a comprehensive center that includes languages and modes of expression, but also the complexity of demographic, cultural, ethnic, records and ways of inhabiting the territory and the time in the short term.


The space hosts also a huge bicycle workshop, where anyone can re-use, teach, learn, fix and build everything around the 2 wheel world.


Since its inception, Tabacalera has been an open invitation to all kinds of groups and individuals to get involved and participate in the project. As a result, the internal social composition shows the complexity and richness of a life that supports the diversity of human beings and builds its own ecosystem betting on intercultural coexistence, inter-ethnic, gender and sexual exceptions and, ultimately, by heterogeneity.

Below, a workshop about how to build your own long-board.


You can also find ladies doing chemicals-free soaps in jaw molds.

A portrait of Said. He is working here for many years. Coming from Morocco, he builds USB solar chargers in cigar-boxes as well as other wonderful crafts.


A strong sound system culture where Jah is praised.


All that’s produced or reproduced on La Tabacalera must be made under free licenses, be freely available and have as an objective, the expansion of the public domain in regards to knowledge and culture.

On-site Radio Station

Guerreros de luz (the light warriors), processing at the danzas prehispánicas, a traditional Aztec Dance.

Afro Festival of Lavapies.


In may 2015 and on the initiative of the “Madrid street Art Project”, the walls of the Tabacalera have been turned into a blank canvas for more than 40 urban artists. Here is the result.

Photo Report from NOVEMBER 18TH, 2016