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Medialab Prado


Story by Rubens Ben November 27th, 2016

Medialab-Prado is a cultural space located in the Spanish capital of Madrid. It’s located in the Plaza de las Letras and occupies a former Belgian sawmill next to the Prado Museum and the Royal Botanical Garden.

It is conceived as a citizen's laboratory of production, research and dissemination which explores different forms of experimentation and collaborative learning that have emerged from digital networks.

The Medialab-Prado was created as a program by the municipality of Madrid dedicated to digital culture and the production of multidisciplinary projects with an open and collaborative methodology.

In 2014, it was awarded by the European Cultural Foundation for being one of the leading projects that has helped encourage democratic processes within the framework of digital culture in Spain.


The goals of the Medialab include:


Expansion of THe Universe

On October 22nd, 2016, the Medialab presented the composition of an electro-acoustic piece entitled "Expansion of Universe" by the Austrian composer, Rudolf Wakolbinger. The piece was made in collaboration with the Speaker Assembly and Manufacturing workshop, where the 216 speakers which comprised the musical instrument were constructed.

In this piece, Wakolbinger recreates the journey of the evolution of the Universe from the Big Bang to the present moment and is comprised of more than 1.5 million musical notes, making it one of the most extensive pieces of music in the world. The partition, partly comprised of recording electromagnetic waves made available by NASA, for this piece lasts 13.8 minutes.

Janny & Irene, two of the volunteers that have help build the speakers
Jesús Jara López, the manager of the project

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Medialab-Prado, Calle de la Alameda, Madrid, Spain