The largest hackerspace in Israel


TAMI stands for “Tel Aviv Makers Inconvertible hackerspace!”, or “Tel Aviv Makers Insulated hackerspace!”, or “Tel Aviv Makers International hackerspace!”.

Located in the south of Tel-Aviv, this is the largest hackerspace in Israel with 160 m2 of working space, that includes :

  • Electronic table with mechanical tools, soldering tools, scopes, logic analyzers, electronic parts
  • An hardware room with lot of scrap wood and other materials, a table say, band say, drills, big collection of nuts and bolts, nails, screws, safety equipment.
  • Working area for metal and welding, with ventilation.
  • CNC room with a mill, as well as milling machines (vertical and hotizontal hand-operated
  • 3d printer station
  • Computer area with Linux, BSD and windows for anyone to use freely
  • In progress : a Chemical/Biology lab
  • Library with lots of books and reference material
  • Kitchen with homebrew TamiCola (patent pending)
  • Video and audio equipment.

A hackerspace is an area where creative people gather to talk, exchange ideas, and build stuff. The community is active with approximately 20 members and is welcoming friends and anybody curious about the space.

TAMI is home for many activities touching hardware, electronics and woodwork, working on open-source and free software. They also practice bio-hacking as well as food hacking.

So on, TAMI is gathering like-minded people coming from everywhere that like to think, learn, teach and build. They are not only interested by computers and electronics, but also by other disciplines, such as wood-work, cooking, biology and more.

The space is open to everybody who want to build and create, solo or together, and is open 24/7, good vibes included.

You can check more of what they are doing and their currents projects on the wiki.

Photo Report from MARCH 27TH, 2017