TLV Urban Farming Workshops

Exploring food crisis solutions on roofs


Each Saturday in South Tel Aviv, a diverse group of people come together to study urban agriculture. These free workshops teach refugees, foreign workers, as well as Israelis, the art of growing food on roofs, thanks to hydroponics and aeroponics techniques.

This initiative is a common effort from the ARDC ( The African Refugee Development Center ), We Have Food & Lavi Kushelevich. Expert in the field, he is teaching these workshops (in English). Everyone who is willing to learn and participate is welcome. As he states :

There is actually a crisis between need and supply in the food chain. By 2050, our planet will host 10 billions people, more than 90% will be living in cities and there will be twice the demand in food compared to today. You can add to this deforestation and the lack of lands to grow food.



Report from APRIL 1ST, 2017